Why Leave a Legacy Gift to the Center?

Your legacy gift to the Center for Courage & Renewal will bring future generations a more just, healthy and compassionate world. And you’ll do it by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it.

You’ll ensure that the life-giving impacts of Courage & Renewal will continue to thrive across the world.

A legacy gift is a fantastic way to carry forward your hopes and values. And your gift deeply honors Parker Palmer and his life’s work

And here are some words about legacy from our founders: Parker Palmer and Marcy and Rick Jackson.

Parker J. Palmer, Founder and Senior Partner

I’m at an age where people have begun to ask me what I want my legacy to be.

As a writer, I’ve always wanted to “put wheels” on my ideas so people can make use of them. Over the years, I’ve partnered with the Center for Courage & Renewal to do exactly that.

Together we’ve created vehicles for people to ride those ideas toward life-giving destinations—inner as well as outer destinations. The Center’s programs have allowed many people in many walks of life to develop visions and take actions that make our world a better place.

And now, I am supporting the Center so it will be there for future generations. For my grandchildren and their grandchildren. That’s why the Center is in my will—because it’s important to help people from all walks of life bring their best and whole selves to their lives and work. Our world depends on it.

The ideas and work of the Center for Courage & Renewal matter. I want the Center and the values of Courage & Renewal to be part of my legacy. I’m sure you do too, and I hope you’ll leave a legacy gift.

Marcy and Rick Jackson, Founders and Senior Fellows

As longtime trust-holders of the Center and its work, we want to do what we can to extend the legacy of the Center for Courage & Renewal. We’ve recognized that one way to do this is to include the CCR in our wills. It feels good to know we’ll help succeeding generations of leaders to find their courage and lead with their hearts and souls.

In the mid 1990’s, Parker invited us to join in facilitating an approach to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it, first among teachers and leaders in America’s public schools and, over time, with leaders from many other sectors and countries.

For over 20 years we’ve been engaged in the most fulfilling, challenging and creative work of our personal and professional lives. We’ve met extraordinary persons throughout the country and around the world. We’ve given our best to help the Center for Courage & Renewal to be an organization devoted to serving human wholeness and courageous action.

We continue to lead Courage & Renewal retreats for people across generations, with diverse life and leadership experience, and we regularly witness the power for good that this approach reveals and releases within persons and communities.

Terry Chadsey, Facilitator and Executive Director

My wife Jane and I are excited to be legacy donors to the Center for Courage & Renewal.

I discovered Courage & Renewal when a close colleague handed me a copy of Parker’s book, The Courage to Teach, shortly after it was first published. I’d been a teacher for 22 years at that time, but reading that book opened up a whole new stage of my own work.

I saw in that book a description of my chosen vocation that I’d never imagined, yet one that I’d been hungry for and made so much sense. As I stepped into learning more, becoming a facilitator and then leading CCR, I experienced again and again the power of aligning who one is with what one does, both in my own life and work, and then in so many other lives.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen the power of donor’s gifts to advance Courage & Renewal. Our work is built on the generosity of others, whose gifts open doorways to teachers, young leaders, and so many others discovering what Courage & Renewal will bring to their work and leadership— just as it did for me so many years ago. And because of those donors’ gifts, I’ve seen classrooms and communities change for the better.

Legacy gifts ensure this will be true for generations in the future, long after we are gone. Won’t you join us?